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Price: $8
Organic, Vegan, Nut-free
Bath Bomb
Handmade with Organic Avocado Oil.

Made with all  VEGAN ingredients, our bath bombs are even perfect for everyone in the family, especially those who have dry to extra-dry skin or even eczema. Exploding with essential oils and a fun, fizzy spin! 

Gentle enough to be used daily

  • no perfumes or dyes
  • plant-based ingredients
  • moisturizing
  • natural aromatherapy 
  • Leaves skin silky smooth

Our bath bombs are individually hand-made in the USA. 

Ingredients: Bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, corn starch, NUT FREE oil, essential oil/fragrance oil, vegan color

Bath bombs come shrink-wrapped to preserve shelf life. Keep in a dry place; as soon as they hit the water, they will start to fizz.